How to Recruit for your Fitness Company: A Guide for Hiring and Managing Your Team

Creating an effective team is essential for the success of a business. In order to increase your company’s efficiency and streamline processes, you need to hire team members who share your values and vision while also bringing their own skills and expertise to the table. And while it might feel like you can only succeed if you work with friends or family members, that’s not always going to be possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to create a strong team that shares your values and commitment to helping your business grow. This guide will help you recruit people who share your values and belief in creating a successful team. You need staff members who not only want to develop personally but also want to grow with the company from the ground up.

Hiring for your Fitness Company

Before you even think about recruiting for your fitness company, you need to define what your company values are. Once you have this information, you can use it to guide applicants, helping you to hire the best people for your business. A strong core set of values helps you to hire with intention and purpose. While some fitness companies hire according to skill level, many also add core values to their hiring process. Being able to hire based on shared values helps you to hire better people who want to work with you. It also helps you to create a more cohesive team who work together better and are supportive of each other. Core values should also help you to avoid hiring people who are a bad fit. If a person’s values don’t align with yours, they might come away from the job feeling unfulfilled. This can lead to a high staff turnover rate, which is both expensive and time-consuming.

Define your company values

Once you know that you’re going to hire for core values rather than skill level, you need to know what those values are. What is most important to you as a business owner? What do you want your clients to experience as a result of working with you? Consider what your values are both in business and in your personal life. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your target market and think about what they need and want from a service like yours. Here are some suggestions for core values for a fitness company: - Safety and integrity in the workplace - Building a supportive team based on mutual respect and trust - Providing high quality service and product to your clients - Doing work that has social or environmental benefits - Striving to meet or exceed your clients’ expectations

Define what you’re looking for in a new hire

Once you know what your core values are, you can then use that information to help you to define what you’re looking for in a new hire. This will help you to screen out applicants who aren’t a good fit for the job and for your company as a whole. Make a list of essential qualities that every hire must possess. While some of these can be related to skill or education level, many are best served by someone who shares your core values. Here are some examples of how you can include values in your hiring process: - Ensure that every hire is a good fit with the culture of your company. Culture is important because it affects everything from productivity to turnover. Make sure that every hire has a good attitude and isn’t disruptive to the rest of the team. - Identify people who want to work on your team. While skills and education are important, make sure that every person who works with you is dedicated to their work and to growing with the company. - Select applicants who are willing to go above and beyond. Make sure that your employees are dedicated to helping clients achieve their fitness goals. - Find people with experience and knowledge in your field. Hire people who have experience and skills that are transferable to your work environment.

Recruiting Strategies that don’t suck

There are plenty of ways to recruit for your fitness company that don’t have to suck. From online tools to existing networks, there are plenty of ways to find new employees at every level. - Use online job boards. Many fitness companies use platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed to advertise job openings. These sites allow you to post your requirements and find applicants who might not have seen a posting on a more niche or local platform. - Advertise through social media. Once you’ve built up your brand and followers, you can use them to help you to find new employees. Post advertisements on your social media platforms, and keep an eye out for people who respond or interact with your posts. - Join fitness-focused forums and groups. Many fitness forums allow you to post job openings. You can also use these forums to find potential candidates who have not yet applied for a job. - Find fitness influencers in your niche. You might be able to find potential team members by reaching out to fitness influencers in your niche. Ask for referrals or for influencers to post job ads on their social media. - Attend fitness conferences and meetups. Networking is key in any industry, and fitness events are an excellent place to find new team members. - Join fitness associations and membership organizations. Many fitness associations and membership organizations offer networking opportunities. You can also use these organizations to find people who might want to work in your company.

Finding the Right Talent Doesn’t Have to Suck

Once you’ve defined what you’re looking for in an employee, you can start to think about how to find them. While some fitness companies hire staff members through referrals and recommendations from others, there are plenty of online tools that make hiring easier and more efficient. - Use career sites to find new employees. Sites like Indeed and LinkedIn have built-in tools to help you to find new hires. You can also use these tools to create job postings and find applicants who might not have seen your advertisements elsewhere. - Join career-focused social media platforms. Many career-focused social media platforms can help you to find new employees. You can also use these platforms to post job ads and find people who might not have seen your advertisements on other platforms. - Ask your current team to refer new hires. You can also ask your current team to help you to find new hires. You can create incentives for employees to help you to find new employees, and you can also ask your employees to help you to screen applicants. - Use your network to recommend new hires. You can also use your network to find new hires. Ask people you know if they know anyone who might be a good fit for your company. You can also ask people in your network if they have any connections to people in the industry.


Building your fitness company’s team is essential for every business. You not only need employees who know what they’re doing and can do it well, but you also need people who share your company’s values and want to work with you toward a common goal. This guide has given you tips and tools for recruiting new hires who will help your business grow and succeed. Remember that finding the right candidates is an ongoing process. As soon as you find the right people, you need to start onboarding and training them so that they can hit the ground running.