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Fitness Professionals/ Rockstars Needed

Stamford, Connecticut, United States
$24 - $30 USD hourly

Do you love helping people improve their lives? Excited to see progress session after session? Passionate about learning? Look no further- this just might be the job for you!


Stretchlab is hiring bodywork professionals to deliver outstanding results for clients in one on one assisted stretching sessions. We enjoy changing the lives of our members by helping them achieve their mobility goals- big and small. Here are a few examples of things we have helped clients with:

  1. Increasing flexibility to regain the ability to sit criss cross applesauce with your kids or grandkids. 
  2. Beating your neighbor Jerry at golf after a flexibility program helped strengthen your drive and improved your golf game. Take that, Jerry!
  3. Retaining the ability to turn your head both left and right after staring at your computer monitor all day. 
  4. We can even help the self proclaimed “tightest person ever” regain the mobility to touch their toes. 

We’re looking for Fitness & Bodywork Professionals who can help us deliver results like these (and more!) to our growing member base.  If you’re a rockstar who thinks helping others is your jam… keep reading to see if this might be a good fit.


What exactly is Stretchlab? Great question! Stretchlab is the industry leader in assisted stretching. As part of the Xponential Fitness umbrella, we dominate as the only recovery brand in their portfolio. With 250 open studios nationwide & adding more every day, we are growing rapidly. 

Who is KHR Management? Another great question! KHR is comprised of 5 open locations in CT & NY with 4 additional studios in the works. We began way back in 2019 as one of the first franchisees in the country and have been growing ever since. At our core, we’re not afraid to admit we’re a bit dorky. We love helping others, we nerd out over anatomy and can’t wait to test out the latest stretches. We endeavor to be a front runner in the wellness industry and constantly challenge the status quo to find, develop and implement the latest techniques that will take our clients to the next level. We jest about the goals we help achieve.. But for real, we’re out here making our clients' days better- one stretch at a time. If you want to join our Flexologist team, check out what the role is about below. If you think you’d be a good fit… we’d love to hear from you.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Deliver one-on-one assisted stretch sessions of 25 and 50 minutes. Stretches may include all major muscle groups, plus extremities, including work on the small muscle groups and neck.
  • Educate clients on benefits of stretching and encourage and motivate clients throughout their stretch session making sure the client knows what the stretch is designed to do, and how it should feel. 
  • The Flexologist will assess the client’s mobility and let the client know where they are especially tight plus educate on what the client can do during their daily routine to help keep them as mobile and limber as possible.
  • Ensure safety of clients regarding proper stretch techniques and enforce StretchLab's policies and safety rules
  • Be able to discuss, recommend, and help promote future visits and membership options with clients
  • Managing client care by delivering a best-in-class stretching experience, updating client notes consistently and suggesting client ‘stretch homework’
  • Assist manager in building StretchLab membership and retention of current members including tasks to maximize client utilization of sessions/membership by booking follow up appointments and outreach to foster regular attendance, critical for a successful mobility journey
  • Clean and maintain studio environment and equipment
  • Provide exceptional customer service and deliver a high-end experience to every client
  • Ability to foster a positive environment that welcomes all people and have a passion for helping people achieve their movement goals.



  • Love of boutique fitness environment is a must – passion for movement, stretching and flexibility
  • Experience working in a fitness/health environment where you provide hands-on training with client with at least 1 year minimum bodywork experience
  • Strong professional work ethic and punctuality critical 
  • Strong communication skills that exude empathy and compassion
  • Part time (15 hour minimum) and Full Time Shifts available. Shifts are generally between 4 and 8 hours long depending on availability.

Preferred Backgrounds

  • Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, or Sports Performance Coach
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist, Kinesiology and Sports Medicine
  • Physical Therapist (and Aides who are conducting hands on therapy assists)
  • Chiropractors (and those in training)
  • Massage Therapist
  • Former collegiate and professional athletes with strong understanding of anatomy
  • Pilates or Yoga Instructors
  • Formally educated and trained Dancers

All our employees have access to continuing education, stretch benefits, discounts, EAP, 401k. Employees working 30+ hours also have access to medical, dental & vision benefits as well as a host of other offerings.